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Disco Haar :

How hairstyles for the disco? Summer is likely to make nightlife, conviviality and fun. The disco is synonymous with fun, as a representative of the for fulfillment and leisure night not only younger. A place to experiment with appearance specific place and hairstyles in particular free rein to the imagination without inhibitions: the imperative is to dare. The hairstyles of the season abundance of hairstyling offers for every taste. So any hairstyle go well, you are not forced to drastically change just cut for a few disco night, better for choosing some accessories glamour and style urban chic, opting a style better suited to show the surroundings of the nightclub, then green light for with rhinestones, clips with flowers (better, bright and strong shades choose) and scarf with fashionable prints headbands. For those with long hair hairstyles also collected as high tails, braids effect chignon not overly structured or semiraccolti with a few strands of space and the effect wet are a viable solution. For girls who make cuts that are better suited with the view clubber, are the cuts that create a dynamic and voluminous. Thumbs-up to the main trends suggestions currently hairdresser, such as asymmetric scaling, the sfilature unstructured, soft tufts, the shaved side or utra short. Ash blond, red cherry, mahogany, brown, platinum, black: the trend hair that dares to accept lots of color positively the canopy spopoleranno shades, then. Colors pennellano strands highlighted cutting, contrasting hues for a look that will turn heads.

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